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Silver nanoparticles

Silver nanoparticles in solution

Silver nanoparticles in solution

Silver nanoparticles are widely used as a broad-based antimicrobial when incorporated into bandages, paints, keyboard and clothing. Like gold, silver has a strong plasmon resonance that can be tuned by adjusting the particle shape (e.g. spheres, cubes and plates). When carefully dried, silver nanoparticles can be re-suspended without aggregation. Silver can also be used to coat gold nanoparticles to produce bi-metallic core/shell nanoparticles.

  • TEM, UV-Vis, and DLS data provided with every batch
  • Unagglomerated and monodisperse
  • Sizes ranging from 5-100 nm with CVs of < 15%
  • Available with citrate, tannic acid, PVP, lipoic acid, PEG, BPEI, and silica surface functionalizations

Silver nanospheres

Silver nanoparticles for use in medical applications, conductive composites, plasmonic applications, and solar applications.

5 nm, silver nanoparticles in solution

5 nm, in solution

Gold nanospheres extinction at 0.02mg/mL

Extinction at 0.02 mg/mL

Other silver particles

Silver nanoplates are surface plasmon resonant (SPR) platelet-shaped nanoparticles that have extremely large absorbing and scattering cross-sections across the visible and near-IR regions of the spectrum. By precisely controlling the plate diameter and thickness, the nanoplate’s optical resonance can be tuned to peak at specific wavelengths (550–1300 nm).

Peak absorbance@850 nm

Peak absorbance at 850 nm

Peak absorbance@950nm

Peak absorbance at 950 nm